For a decade, Juliska has been defining the style of tables with its unique glass and dinnerware. Juliska was founded Juliska in 2001 with an assortment of 40 historic, mouth-blown Bohemian glasses. Today, Juliska makes hundreds of items in over a dozen categories for the table and home, all inspired by the joy of bringing people together and helping create a happy home.  

Juliska's glassware is made by artisans in Prague using techniques that have been passed down through generations. Juliska's dinnerware is made of fine Portuguese stoneware to ensure everyday practicality. From decorative to minimal, each piece provides a canvas for your style, creativity, food, family, friends, memories... life. Juliska celebrates the soulfulness of artisanal craftsmanship and the idiosyncratic beauty of handmade imperfections. A bump here, an extra wash of glaze there. These are the signatures that let us revel in the human craft and story behind each exquisite piece. Entertaining has never been so stylish and easy.

We have a large selection of Juliska available in our store. The entire Juliska catalogue is available by special order.  When not in stock, items can be typically be ordered for delivery within 5-7 days. We will notify you regarding delivery time. Please call us at 202-244-7197 with any questions.