Anna Weatherley

Anna Weatherley believes that your table should be a reflection of a garden - all beautiful colors and flowers mixed together. While Anna Weatherley's designs are refreshingly rooted in history, they are equally at home in contemporary or traditional settings. Her collections, including the Simply Anna collection, are sold in fine specialty shops, antique stores, and decorator studios throughout the United States.

Weatherley's studio is located in Budapest, Hungary where she trained a group of highly talented painters to create her collection of hand-painted porcelain.  The colors are carefully applied on the porcelain with fine brushes in many shadings and fired several times at high temperatures. This time-consuming and meticulous process in the hands of master porcelain painters produces the most detailed and sumptuous rendering of nature's treasures. Flowers, fruits, butterflies and delightful bugs are given new life on the lustrous surface of fine white porcelain. Softly brushed golden borders on the porcelain arepainted by a single painter with special mastery in this special application technique.

We keep a small selection of Anna Weatherley pieces in stock.  Items not carried in the store can be special ordered. Due to the handmade nature of all Anna Weatherley products may take up to 6 months to create.